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About Heiser’s Bar & Casino

Our Story

Heiser’s Bar & Casino has been a cherished family-owned and operated establishment since 1933. For over eight decades, we have been a proud part of the Fallon County, MT community, serving as a gathering place for friends and neighbors to come together for good times, great food, and unforgettable experiences.

Our building holds a special place in history, as it has transformed and adapted to the needs of the community throughout the years. Originally starting as a pool hall, it has also been a theater, a bowling alley, and now a casino and bar. Today, it stands as the oldest structure in Baker, MT, a testament to the enduring spirit of this vibrant community.

Fun Facts


There has always been some sort of business in the building. A title company was the first one to be tracked!


When Prohibition was lifted in 1933, the building was bought out by a partner and is now on the 3rd generation of being family owned & operated


Heiser’s had the 1st licensed poker table in Baker, 1954.


We had the ‘World’s Largest Steer’ displayed but have since donated to the local museum. ‘Take a Selfie with the largest steer’ is a to do out this way!

Family Friendly Fun

Heiser’s Bar & Casino is a family-friendly establishment located in Fallon County and surrounding areas. With its reputation extending to North Dakota, the restaurant caters to all ages – welcoming those who want good food, drinks, or gaming (must be 18+ for gaming) in a lively and inviting atmosphere. With a diverse menu of delectable dishes and exceptional customer service, Heiser’s Bar & Casino offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Bar and Casino in Fallon County, MT

Heiser’s Bar & Casino Could Be Yours

We’re looking to sell the property, check out the description below! Interested parties, please reach out.

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